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In recent years, Omidan Tejarat Arvand Company has been able to allocate a large part of the perfume wholesale market among the bazaar and shopkeepers of the perfume, cologne, and cosmetics industry. All cities in Iran are covered by the company’s services. Therefore, if you want to cooperate with Omidan Tejarat, please contact us.

Import & Export

In addition to producing Iranian perfumes, Omidan Tejarat Arvand Company is also an importer of raw materials for perfume production. Also, this company is the exclusive representative of several prominent foreign perfume and cologne brands in Iran. It should be noted that all the products imported by Omidan Tejarat Arvand Company are original and of high quality, and no so-called high-copy or non-original products are imported.

Iranian High Quality Perfume Production

Omidan Tejarat Arvand Company is one of the largest producers of Iranian perfume in the country. By producing more than 40 Iranian perfume references in 5 brands, this company has taken a large share of this product in the domestic market. The products produced by this company are at the highest level of quality in terms of the quality of perfume, glass and packaging.

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We are an Iranian perfume and cologne company that started our activity in this field in 2007. Omidan Tejarat Arvand Company (OTA) envisages a vision of beauty that returns to originality and uniqueness, which places great emphasis on Iranian and Aryan culture. OTA pioneer innovation and inventiveness in the perfume field and will help its customers always experience being special. OTA gives them the possibility to cross the border restrictions. By combining tradition and modernity, inspired by oriental legends, and taking credit from ancient Iran’s rich culture and history. We present our perfumes in a coherent global platform. At OTA, we want to offer fragrances with timeless longevity and memory as antique and elegant as our historical culture.
For OTA, every product is a journey full of excitement, challenge, and daring. Behind every OTA creation lies many secrets of commitment to perfection, attention to detail, and love of beauty. OTA is a brand whose core values are historically based on idealism, charm, uniqueness and exceptional creativity that merges tradition, modernity, and prestige

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