The 3rd international conference and exhibition of cosmetic, health, detergent, cellulose, and related industries (Iran Cosmetics), on 16-18 Azar 1400, corresponding to 7-9 December 2021, held in Tehran, Tehran Olympic Hotel International Convention Center.

Introducing the capabilities of the country’s industry in the production of cosmetic, sanitary, detergent, and cellulose products, investigating the problems of smuggled products in this area, reaching new regional markets and solving export problems, and encouraging and persuading consumers to choose healthy and quality products are some of the goals and axes of the third conference and exhibition of Iran Cosmetics.

The product groups of the Iran Cosmetics exhibition include cosmetics, hygiene products, detergents, skin and hair care, medical and beauty equipment, cosmetic and hygiene raw materials, clinics and centers providing beauty consulting services, cellulose products, etc. Holding scientific and educational workshops with the participation of universities and research centers is another feature of the 3rd Iran Cosmetics International Conference and Exhibition.

The cosmetics department of the Food and Drug Organization, the Iran Detergent, Hygiene, and Cosmetic Industry Association, and the Iran Health, Cosmetic and Perfume Importers Association were this event’s sponsors.

The exhibition monitoring team of the nano industrial promotion department attended this exhibition and monitored the booths that are prone to the development of nanotechnology while introducing the capabilities of nanotechnology in this field and technology demands, received requests for meetings and specialized meetings, as well as the willingness of companies to attend seminars and webinars.

Among the collections and companies present in this exhibition were Bayat Kian, Goltash, Behiar Zeit Ayrik, Vitan Pharmed pharmaceutical company, and Iran Detergent, Sanitary and Cosmetic Industry Association, Tehran Chemical Trading.

The opening ceremony was held with the presence of important national figures and the Supreme Policy Council of the Exhibition and Conference. At the opening ceremony, a certificate of appreciation and a statue of the best sponsor were presented to Mr. Mona, the CEO of Omidan Tejarat Arvand. After the opening ceremony, the aforementioned officials attended the booth of Omidan Tejarat Arvand, and the official unveiling ceremony of three new Aqua Day perfumes (Baccarat, Element, and Glamour) was held, and other products were very well received. At the same time, effective communication was formed with the aforementioned authorities regarding multilateral cooperation. On the first day of this event, Omidan Tejarat Arvand’s Complex booth had the honor of hosting guests from the Embassy of Belarus.

On the second day of this exhibition, the presence of a large number of prominent bloggers, athletes, and artists increased the visitors of to the booth and doubled its prosperity of the booth. Also, holding a training workshop on the formation of a successful business brand was one of the noteworthy actions of Omidan Tejarat Arvand Group in this event.

On the third and last day of this exhibition, the number of visitors to the Omidan Tejarat Arvand booth reached its peak and attracted a large part of the exhibition’s attention. Programs such as prize giving, perfume-style training workshops, and the presence of famous artists and sports figures of the country such as Poria Poursarakh caused an unprecedented welcome to the Omidan Tejarat Arvand booth.

Finally, this event ended with the introduction of three new references to Aqua Day brand products and several radio and television interviews.