The 29th International Exhibition of Detergents, Cleaners, Hygienic, Cellulose, and Related Machines was opened at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions with the presence of 286 domestic and foreign companies.

According to the public relations report, the 29th International Exhibition of Detergents, Cleaners, Hygienic, Cellulose and Related Machines with the presence of the CEO of I.R. Iran International Exhibitions Company, the CEO of Same Pad Novin Company and a group of officials at the permanent exhibition site Tehran International Airport was opened.

In this exhibition, 286 domestic and foreign companies will present their latest products and services from 14 to 17 May this year at the permanent location of international exhibitions in Tehran, and from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. they will be open to the eyes of enthusiasts and activists of the cosmetics industry.

In this exhibition, where 279 domestic companies and 14 foreign companies from 7 countries, Germany, France, Switzerland, Russia, Vietnam, Turkey, and India, are present, the domestic and foreign companies will present their products in the fields of detergents, cleaners, cellulose, and related raw materials, cosmetic and health products, hair color, perfume, cologne and spray, protective products for skin, hair, mouth, teeth, and nails, hairdressing equipment, hairdressing salons and beauty clinics, essential oils, supplements, and intermediate raw materials, air fresheners, Insecticide, wax and related raw materials, baby protection products, massage and spa products, filling machines, packaging, containers, cleaning devices and related parts, beauty medical equipment and laser therapy, related organizations, scientific, research centers and specialized publications. , the beauty clinic, health, and consulting services are exposed to the eyes of those interested.

In this exhibition of detergents, cleaners, sanitary materials, cellulose, and related machines, Knowledge Enterprise companies have had high participation and have exposed their latest products in the Knowledge Enterprise field to the public.

Omidan Tejarat Arvand Company, which had booth number 20 in Milad Hall in this exhibition, displayed a powerful and fruitful presence at this event. At this event, many famous bloggers of the virtual space, Vice Presidents of the Republic, and prominent actors, artists, and athletes of our country visited the booth.

On the last day of this exhibition, the booth of Omidan Tejarat Arvand welcomed the members of the board of directors of F.C. Esteghlal, and with their presence, the Esteghlal perfume product was unveiled.