After the decline that occurred due to the coronavirus pandemic on a global scale in the field of economic events, especially in the holding of exhibitions, the Iran Cosmetica Conference and Exhibition was a good point of return to the normal routine of economic flows, which was held impressively and relatively powerfully. On the sidelines of the exhibition, powerful scientific conferences were held in the field of cosmetics and hygiene, which were a suitable platform for strong communication between associations, activists in the field of cosmetics and hygiene, the Food and Drug Organization, the Ministry of Industry and Mines, and industry owners in this field. All in all, the Cosmetica 3 exhibition can be evaluated as prosperous, useful, and fruitful.

Such specialized exhibitions are a good place to create competitive markets. In addition to the fact that the specialized consumer of cosmetic and health products gets acquainted with a variety of products in this field and in a coherent platform, this is an opportunity for the producer and the consumer to communicate with each other directly, and for the producer to be informed directly from the point of view of their consumers without intermediaries. In addition to direct communication with their customers and consumers, producers can also be present with their business partners, competitors, and colleagues in a highly competitive market and exchange opinions, participate and reach common points for investment. Especially in educational workshops and side workshops, producers, as well as consumers, can get familiar with the concepts and knowledge of the day in the field of perfume and cologne and share their achievements with each other and finally take new and growing steps in the field of production to provide more diversity in this industry. The Omidan Tejarat Arvand Holding Company was able to achieve the above goals to a large extent through careful planning, evaluating the exhibition situation, using multiple advertising tools, and choosing the right location.

The main basis of our work is the expansion of our products, as well as innovation and creativity in the field of perfume and cologne and related sub-branches of the cosmetics industry. What today’s consumer is looking for is diversity in products while maintaining their quality at the level of international standards. As much as we can expand the diversity of our products while maintaining quality, specificity, and localization, as well as respecting the tastes of customers and making them more practical, we have brought the consumer with us more than ever. Our voice is based on clarity. Innovation, creativity, and pioneering allow our customers to think beyond the present and expect from us beyond the present. Our goal is to produce different, practical, and quality products to guarantee the uniqueness of our customers.

One of the goals of our presence at the Iran Cosmetica Exhibition, which we will see the feedback of these goals in the short and long term, was creating a communication link and increasing synergy between the experts in the production and sales department of the Omidan Tejarat Arvand Holding with manufacturers, specialists, and activists in the field of cosmetics, perfumes, and cologne, as well as getting to know the latest scientific and research achievements in our specialized field of activity in order to increase the brand awareness and recognition of the OTA. It was also a goal to attract a large number of visitors to the booth and create a memorable experience for them. Through effective communication with visitors, providing them with samples and promotional materials, and organizing interactive activities, we were able to accomplish this goal and received positive feedback from the visitors. In addition, by establishing business relationships with other companies and exploring potential partnership opportunities, we were able to further expand the reach and influence of the Omidan Tejarat Arvand Holding Company.

Overall, the Iran Cosmetica Exhibition was a successful and productive event for the Omidan Tejarat Arvand Company. We were able to achieve our goals and make meaningful connections with the industry and consumers. We look forward to continuing to participate in such events and using them as a platform for growth and innovation for the OTA.

Additionally, the Iran Cosmetica Exhibition provided an opportunity for the Omidan Tejarat Arvand to showcase our latest products and innovations in the field of perfume and cologne, as well as to introduce the capabilities and achievements of our company to a wide range of domestic and foreign consumers and customers. This has helped us to attract new customers and business partners and has also helped to increase the brand awareness and reputation of Omidan Tejarat Arvand Holding in the market.

Another important goal of our participation in the Iran Cosmetica exhibition was to increase the export of our products and expand our market beyond the domestic market. In this regard, we were able to establish valuable relationships with a number of foreign companies and distributors, and we hope to see the results of these efforts in the near future.

Overall, the Iran Cosmetica exhibition was a great success for the Omidan Tejarat Arvand, and we are confident that our participation in this event will bring long-term benefits to our company. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our products and capabilities, and we look forward to participating in future exhibitions and events in the cosmetics and perfume industry.